♥ Disney Princess My Fairytale Adventure PC Walkthrough – Intro

(2012) Disney Princess My Fairytale Adventure PC Walkthrough | Intro —— In “Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure,” players will enter the enchanting worlds of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle and Tiana, and use their magic wand to help undo a spell that’s been cast over the kingdoms. Fans of all ages will be able to play as an apprentice to the Fairy Godmother and explore each of the Princess worlds. They’ll be able to interact with familiar characters, such as Lumiere, Pascal, Flounder, Gus and other fan favorites who will help guide them through missions and progress though the game. CGO PLAY (Casual/Indie Games) www.youtube.com HDPLAY (PC/XBOX360/PS Games) www.youtube.com HD TOUCH PLAY (iOS/Iphone/Android Games) www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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10 Responses to ♥ Disney Princess My Fairytale Adventure PC Walkthrough – Intro

  1. thapahimalaya says:

    I like

  2. SaveMeMoon says:

    I love that they’ve used the same music as in the last game =)

    But the voiceactress is so annoying! I actually liked the girl from the last game.
    And it’s kunda funny that she celebrates everything you do! XD

  3. ddffvgbbkyewqrujnazx says:

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  4. ddffvgbbkyewqrujnazx says:

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  5. marygameworld says:

    I didnt download it. U can buy this game via amazon or some other sites :)

  6. Fatima Khan says:

    how do you download this game for free for pc’s??????????
    help me
    i tried everything but nothing helps

  7. marygameworld says:

    Yes, and i think u can get it on amazon or smth like that :)

  8. MyQuice says:

    Is this game released,because my little sister might like it?

  9. Abby Liselma says:

    in wii to move is control stick [in nunchuk] in wii to twirl magic is twirling the wii remote and to cast spells there is to swing the wii remote up and down or press B at the back

  10. Abby Liselma says:

    is that some other video game? cuz i see that the closet word back is different in wii its the letter B i have that with me what video game is it?

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