24 Responses to Create 3D Logo with Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker

  1. Presentation3D says:

    @jukashield1503 I don’t understand you, if you have any question about our software, please send email to support(at)presentation-3d(dot)com

  2. jukashield1503 says:

    Hey at the part 2:06 when i click the red “x” nothing happens , screen stays empty please help i want to know!!!!! Thanx

  3. Zeroarcanus says:

    @Presentation3D Thank you, I saw it at the last min of video. Sorry for spam post.

  4. Presentation3D says:

    @Zeroarcanus when you export to a image, un-check “has background” box, and export it.
    you can get a picture with transparent background.

  5. ryansiprofesor007 says:

    i have one !
    i’m buy one and can used full..!!
    i like this software

  6. Presentation3D says:

    @CaelancatGames Camtasia Studio to Record.

  7. CaelancatGames says:


  8. NewZoneSniping says:

    @SuperWindows0 wow your a faggot your not funny

  9. Presentation3D says:

    @Volteer9111 Full Free Trial Version, Animaiton Maker & Text & Logo Maker have 10 Days Trial.

  10. Volteer9111 says:

    How long is the trial? And is it free?

  11. Presentation3D says:

    @JaviLoveLinux You can download Aurora3D Products from our website:
    and install it, then open it.

  12. JaviLoveLinux says:

    From where you open the 3D aurora?

  13. animalsoflife says:

    the music is kinda boring.

  14. SuperWindows0 says:

    2 man’s are n00bs

  15. Presentation3D says:

    @scmFalconzz There are two download link, Mac and windows. please download what you want.

  16. scmFalconzz says:

    when i try to download it it says it doesnt accept the format please respond

  17. frograna2 says:

    Presentation3D thankyou so much!!

  18. Presentation3D says:

    @DipSet2cR Try the two websites:
    if you want download it, you also can download it on Download(dot)com

  19. Presentation3D says:

    @ChuckallsPs3Trophys Hi send your need of your logo and send your hardware information(CPU, RAM, Graphic Card) to my email, I will refer to your need of your logo and your hardware info to help you.

  20. DipSet2cR says:

    for some reason the website is fucking down for me and i’m pissed, i want this program.

  21. ChuckallsPs3Trophys says:

    1 more question
    i downloaded the program but my computer is to slow so i got really fustrated so basically i was wondering if you could make a logo for me if not that cool, but if you can that would be fantastic and would i have to pay for you to make me one because i dont trust payments over the internet
    Chuckalls :)

  22. Presentation3D says:

    @ChuckallsPs3Trophys It’s not free, just have Full Free Trial Version.
    you can download it: presentation-3d(dot)com/downloads.html

  23. ChuckallsPs3Trophys says:

    is this a free program?

  24. Presentation3D says:

    @frograna2 The program name’s Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker.
    website: presentation-3d(dot)com

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