How to remove babylon from internet explorer

How to remove babylon from internet explorer and from my entire computer… Babylon Search hijacked my computer and I cannot get rid of it. It is neither in Add/Remove Programe nor elsewhere. To remove the registry left from the malware application and prevent it from coming back, you also need a registry cleaner scan fix and remove. Below is my affiliate link, if you’d like to support us it will not cost you any more buying from my affiliate link but it will support me in creating more how to videos in future: AVS registry cleaner scan fix and remove: Please post your comments below if it works or not. How to use the registry cleaner scan fix and remove software. Please click on link below to subscribe to my YouTube channel and be notified of my new video tutorial updates for free. Thanks Jose My Online Video Blog:

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24 Responses to How to remove babylon from internet explorer

  1. dinyamah says:

    @1xXriquelmeXx1  — it must be set as the default. select another search engine and make it your default then you will have the option to remove the babylon. I just did it and it worked.

  2. TheKpopGeek1 says:

    i’ve deleted what you said to deled and it’s still poping up when i open internet exsploer PLEASE HELP!!!

  3. jnuness says:

    @1xXriquelmeXx1 Upgraded to Internet Explorer 9

  4. 1xXriquelmeXx1 says:

    when i go to search provides and click babylon it doesnt give me an option to delete it. what should i do?? please help me.

  5. jnuness says:

    @santiogo369 You’re welcome.

  6. santiogo369 says:


  7. zarander says:

    Just to let you gents know, I have Daleked babylon.

    Upgraded to Internet Explorer 9 from 8, and a simple Remove button got it in half a sec.

  8. ImBlueless says:

    i deleted everything, but when i open up a new tab, babylon is STILL there. What can i do?

  9. tazmaniac771 says:

    finally……it is gone

  10. jnuness says:

    @xXfreakbotXx Please see the video description, there are more videos for how to remove babylon…


  11. xXfreakbotXx says:

    I’ve done it, but yet when I open a new tab it goes to babylon again..It’s kind of annoying.

  12. RAWRitsErik says:

    I removed it from my search providers, but I couldnt find it in my add ons and extensions. I also did the internet options you showed. I think I removed that folder from my control panel before though. I couldnt find any babylon folders in program files in my :C drive. Should I be all set?

  13. boro4ever8 says:

    Thanks, helped a lot mate

  14. jnuness says:

    @LONGSHOTfilmes LOL You’re welcome.

  15. LONGSHOTfilmes says:

    @jnuness I see, I suspected it might be like that. I have a Uniblue registry cleaner, so it might have done the job right. At any rate, things seem like they were before so it must be a tiny pile on my garage =) Thanks for the reply.

  16. Shadow9331 says:

    @jnuness yeah, thanks again

  17. WWLions1 says:

    Ready tools. internet options, tabs, settings, home page first. Whola no more tabs in Baylon!

  18. WWLions1 says:

    In the sea4ch bar it says

  19. Subcribetomychanel says:

    Man you are so best thanks for the help i subcribed to yo so i can show you my respect for tou thanks again :D

  20. jnuness says:

    @Shadow9331 Yes i know what you mean! You’re welcome, Thanks for taking the time to comment…
    P.S Be extremely careful when downloading free software…

  21. Shadow9331 says:

    @jnuness umm well wht i did was do the same thing you did right here, then i checked for the files again and i didnt see anything, hopefully in the future it wont come back, thanks youve helped me get longer hands…sounds wierd from my point of view but i hope u know wht i mean

  22. jnuness says:

    @Tinyzza Try re-installing Internet Explorer 9 and repeat the process…

  23. jnuness says:

    @WWLions1 Try re-installing Internet Explorer 9 and repeat the process…

  24. jnuness says:

    @Subcribetomychanel Try re-installing Internet Explorer 9 and repeat the process…

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