Backtrack 5 – Automated WEP Cracking with Gerix

Backtrack 5 – Automated WEP Cracking with Gerix Wifi Cracker tutorial Check out for more hacking tutorials and help!
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25 Responses to Backtrack 5 – Automated WEP Cracking with Gerix

  1. Mittt079 says:

    Can you please help me because if i typ :airmon-ng, I see nothing
    please help!!!

  2. joshv06 says:

    :) Good to hear

  3. iskandar100k says:

    nvm i got mine fixed. i just install it on a usb instead of using vm.

  4. iskandar100k says:

    I have a problem like other where there is nothing on interface and it says found 1 processes that could cause trouble. I’m booting in virtual box. Need help pls.. thx

  5. joshv06 says:


    Install teamviewer and email me your id and pass. I know what your problem is.

  6. inflikty says:

    I couldn’t get this working like many of you… so if you wanna hack wifi listen up:
    Go to mobilewifihack,com
    Put “/watch?v=Nuh8UKibvhc” after (without quotes)
    They have a working wifi hack I’ve used it countless times.

  7. peteb4 says:

    @joshv06 yes i am.looked at loads off videos on here but no one seems to have a answer

  8. joshv06 says:


    Are you booting in vmware?

  9. joshv06 says:


    Are you booting in vmware?

  10. joshv06 says:



  11. joshv06 says:


    Check out skidhacker/tutorials

  12. joshv06 says:


    Thanks Dude!

  13. miah5306 says:

    ur computer sucks thats why. and dont use dual boot. use vmware

  14. positive6900 says:

    thier is no network showing on interface screen to enable .please tell what to do

  15. peteb4 says:

    Please help,it will not find my interface,this way air with the airmon-ng command or any other way i have tried. thanks

  16. MiawCrawler says:

    hey mannn gratzzz
    excelent tuttorial
    another backtracker ;)

  17. FreeMetalHazard says:

    GnackTrack is much more better then this backtrak

  18. KINGOFDARKNESS48 says:

    @joshv06 LOL i have 1 GB Ram i think my RAM is the problem , TYSM !!!

  19. joshv06 says:


    Make sure you got the 32bit version if you have <4gb of ram, or get the 64bit version if you have 4gb or more of RAM.

  20. joshv06 says:



  21. joshv06 says:


    Get good signal, just don’t get too close or it won’t work. Some people have came to me saying injection won’t work when they are literally right next to their AP.

  22. skystarz1 says:

    can any1 give me a link to do this step by stpe with full details

  23. RogueZD1 says:

    im going to buy a router to test on, any suggestions?

  24. turkieboyhakan says:

    is this backtrack 5 r1??

  25. KINGOFDARKNESS48 says:

    HELP ME PLZ ! I Installed Backtrack On My Hard Drive dual Boot With Windows , anyway , when i use aireplay-ng (when i send fake auth) the data start running so fast but just after 1 minute backtrack crash and stop responding so a shutdown the computer manually :/ anyone having the same probleme can help :D THX

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