Acer Aspire Take Apart/Disassembly

In this video I replace the broken power port in a Acer Aspire-3680-2682 (DC Socket USB Board Replace) Table of Contents Removal of: Battery 0:10 RAM Memory 0:26 Hard Drive HDD 1:10 Wireless LAN WLAN 1:18 Power Button Assembly 2:25 Keyboard 2:36 Display Assembly 3:05 CDRom Drive 3:34 Laptop Case 4:15 Motherboard 4:38 DC Jack/USB board 5:05 If you are having issues with your laptop, I can help! We have been doing Free Estimates since 2000. Let me know in the comments below or check out
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Acer Aspire Take Apart/Disassembly

  1. iStipeFTW says:

    Can you please amke a Video on how to upgrade a CPU in the 5532?

  2. maddenjb says:

    I have a problem with my fan. How do I get to it. I use an aver aspire 57427120

  3. TheBioshow says:

    WTF I watched many video’s about opening a laptop but why are they the same!!

  4. realisticHomeboy says:

    @imjuzanormalguy The cable between screen and motherboard/graphicscard is most likely defect. The cable will likely need to be replaced.

  5. realisticHomeboy says:

    I have a feeling, I’m going to need this video, to put my laptop back together. :) It’s so annoying, that I have to take it completely apart, just to get to the powersupply area, because there’s a lose connection in it. No easy access. :( Thanks for the video. It helped.

  6. imjuzanormalguy says:

    my aspire 4741g started to have double image problem…. any1 can help me by tellin me whats the problem?

  7. D9rot says:

    I have to left over scrus, fuck.. but it still works :)

  8. UnablEEE says:

    can someone tell me plz how i can get to my cmos battery on my motherboard on my acer 5810t. in easiest way?

  9. moparholic2 says:

    Still have to thank you cuz i will need some instructions to disassemble my 5251-1007 . have to change the earplug jack and re-soldering the AC plug jack that’s loose . Even if no rechange earphone jack is available from Acer, i’m gonna show them what knowledge combined to local electronic parts supplier can do to avoid beiing steal by this brand ( according to them, i should change the motherboard at 275$ US= They can go to hell !!!

  10. moparholic2 says:

    In the first minute of the video , i already had a headache… even if i’m professional small engines mechanic… Hate the way you have to dissasemble every thing , it’s like having to remove a car engine’s to change a door handle !!! Fuckin stupid enginneers !!!

  11. AZking909 says:

    u know what i hate most about disassembling a laptop….
    theres alot of fucking screws

  12. johnskap2004 says:

    excellent video…

    acer5742 series…

  13. puchodog1977 says:

    i have a 5532 aspire i pulled it apart and i forgot where the black and white wire from the monitor goes.. oppps can you help they have a strange end on them unlike any other device in here

  14. FastVideoTech says:

    @umraugh I remove the hard drive at 1:10 in this video.

  15. umraugh says:

    Also if you could can you show me a video to take out my acer’s harddrive

  16. umraugh says:

    I have an acer aspire 5253-BZ489
    AMD dual core c50 AMD Radeon HD 6250 . I am currently getting the no bootable device message. Do you think i should take out the hard drive and reinsert it? Bare in mind I am 14, but the laptop still has warranty. I don’t really want to spend unnecessarily so should i?

  17. perrythekiller says:

    @unclecj1 damn same here but it still works

  18. hvacrdude1 says:

    i had the fan replaced because i ddint know how to get this apart i got a acer 3680-2682 , now i am upgrading, what i found out there, is concerning the CPU which is a M Celeron 440 1.86 Ghz , is i believe a 945 gm intel chip, i want to upgrade this…the upgrade info on the web is old info, ppl updated to a T5200 or T5300 and perhaps a T7200 and T 7300 dual core. Im not sure if there is anything better out there, these posts were old info dated, any help would be appreciate, message me

  19. korreia21 says:

    Can i upgrade the cpu on acer 5530?

  20. FastVideoTech says:

    @linyenfan Thank you. I do believe that with this model you must 1st remove the motherboard to remove the CPU Fan / Heat Sink. I would be happy to replace the Fan for you at my shop if you would like.

  21. linyenfan says:

    Thank you for your video. It is awesome!!! my Acer Apsire 4935G fan starting making noises and I really wanna change the fan myself because the warranty on mine is expired. Sending back to Acer for fan replacement will be expensive. I noticed that we can see the fan almost in the end of this Disassembly. Is there any quick way? I tried to disassemble mine a fews times, not failed…

  22. FastVideoTech says:

    @xxxBlack0ut Please check your messages as my reply is too long for the comment section.

  23. xxxBlack0ut says:

    oh and i have a 1.8GHz is it posible i can buy a 3.0GHz and replace it? if so you got a video for that too? but the cooling fan is most important to me

  24. xxxBlack0ut says:

    3GB sorry wrong number

  25. xxxBlack0ut says:

    i have a acer aspire 6920 1.8GHz #GB RAM NVidia 9500m graphic card. I play games on it and after awhile like 15min its shuts of no warning just off because i feel the bottom is BURNING hot. is it my cooling fan is broken or does my laptop even have one? do you have videos on fan replacements? please help i been searching everywhere i dont wanna buy a acer aspire 6920 fan if i dont need it nor i even know how to replace it please help imma subcribe

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