Paint Tool SAI – Full Version [Free Download]

THIS IS THE FULL VERSION OF PAINT TOOL SAI, NOT THE TRIAL. You won’t need to download WinRar or any extra stuff, and it usually only takes around 5 minutes to install. No viruses or spyware or anything dangerous. It almost seems too good to be true, but here it is~! Download SAI here: It’s a .zip file, so you’ll have to extract it. Don’t worry, if you’re not sure how to do that it’s really easy and fast. Just right-click the file and select “Extract” from the menu. A little window will pop up and unzip it for you. Simple. ;) I’ll answer questions in the comments as well as I can, but I don’t know everything. There’s a handy little thing called Google, so do some research if it turns out that I can’t help you. Also, I’ve only tested this on WIndows, so I’m not sure if it’s compatible with a Mac. You’ll have to test it and see for yourself. If you’re not a PC user, I can’t answer your questions. Sorry. I’m sorry if I sound weird. I’m a girl, but some people seem to think I’m a boy because of my voice. It’s not THAT messed up, is it? Really. Come on. Don’t post any nasty comments about it. The audio skips in some places because my laptop is really old and slow. I swear I’ll re-do this on a better computer so I can show you the full downloading process and re-edit it. Don’t judge me yet. =_= I have a deviantART account with a bunch of my pictures on it, so go check it out if you want:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Paint Tool SAI – Full Version [Free Download]

  1. TheDwightlight says:

    is it posseble to create gif pictures?
    sorry for bad eng

  2. SilverSerpentineXX says:

    thanks. :)

  3. PrinnyOfTheDoods says:

    How com when I save as JPEG its not in english but just random keys. Well it looks like random keys

  4. 1amLinK says:

    @gaarasbaby13 Ohhh, thanks! :)

  5. gaarasbaby13 says:

    @1amLinK I had the same problem when I tried to open it from the desktop shortcut. Try opening the extracted folder and click the “Easy PaintTool SAI” tile in there. It worked for me. :)

  6. gaarasbaby13 says:

    @gaarasbaby13 Nevermind. o.o

  7. gaarasbaby13 says:

    Got it, used it, went to sleep, came back and there was an Error on the screen when I tried to open it again. :/

  8. x3iSaranghaeyo says:

    All That Fun Stuff! :D D <3 Jkay. Thanks. ^^

  9. GalaxyInMySugar says:

    Thanks so much! Now I can finally save my files ;W;

  10. Nuxfy says:


  11. PandamoniumXIII says:

    Thank you so much! > w <

  12. TheAaronbobo says:

    OH MY GOSH THANK GOD I FOUND YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEO!! i always wanted paint tool sai back ever since my trial ended. OMG! THannnk yOU!

  13. hollowpaw1 says:

    omg omg omg!!!!!!!Thank you SOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!

  14. HuggablePorcupine says:

    Oh god thank you.


  15. becca252 says:

    YOU . ARE . MY HERO .
    <3 ; u ;

  16. 1amLinK says:

    It just worked when I downloaded it, but a few hours later when I tried it again, there was an error…

  17. ninpoable says:

    ahhhh thanks~~ i tried it and it completely worked!
    your’re a life saver~

  18. NarutoWarriorCatsKay says:

    i downloaded and extracted the file, i can open sai, but i cant paste anything onto a blank canvas. do u know wat i should do?

  19. RabidMooncake says:

    I wuv you.
    Oh and i have Vista and it worked. :D

  20. mangoPANGo0o says:

    how old are you dude?

  21. AnimeGirlSV says:

    hey i already had a sai but just a trial version.. and now it’s over, but i want the full version again not the trail.. do you know what i should do? :

  22. indo160 says:

    I love buneyhh :3

  23. APRiLxAPPL3 says:

    Can I kiss you :| ?

    I was just on the brink of buying SAI, but THANK YOU SO MUCH~

  24. xxxCandyKittygurlxxx says:

    I love you. NO HOMO. :D

  25. barbiehollow4ever says:

    black rock shooter backround cool!!!!!!

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